We carry out our activities in Europe, China, India, Turkey, Russia, Chile, Peru, United Arab Emirates, etc.


  • We provide comprehensive and international solutions for waste management, in collaboration with public and private companies.
  • We manage auctions of hazardous and non-hazardous waste with authorised handlers, improving the economic management of the industries generating such waste.
  • Centralisation of Quality and Environmental management; our company takes responsibility for managing your centres.
  • Use of waste as raw materials for our clients:
  • Authorised waste handlers.
  • Treatment and transformation plants.
  • Authorised landfill sites.
  • Integrated Waste Management Systems (IWMS)
  • Industries which are able to integrate into their processes recycled waste and their derivatives.
  • Waste-generating industries.
  • Public Administrations.
The great volume of material we are able to manage and the international expansion of our company provide us with an in-depth knowledge of the different markets and enable us to reach highly-competitive agreements.

These are some of the waste products we work with on a frequent basis:

  • We promote and provide advice for the search for new and improved technologies for waste treatment. (Best Available Technology) BAT´s

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